imageDefinition:   Calm, Peaceful and untroubled; tranquil


What do you think of when you hear the word Serene or Serenity?  Let’s close our eyes briefly breathe in very slowly…exhale and let your mind settle…again let us breathe in deeply thinking of peace and serenity exhale slowly breathing out worry and stress.  Oh how I like to do this and settle myself into a state of calm.  Our daily lives are full of activity, a demanding to-do list, family and work obligations.  We are so over stimulated with noise, maybe the TV is blaring in the background or you are receiving yet another text or email.  Perhaps small children fill your home with lots of love but occasional chaos too.  I feel each one of us have to seek to find a place of serene being and should make a habit of this more often than not.


As I sit here sipping on my cup of hot herbal green tea, this brings me to a serene being.  It literally warms my soul with that smooth savoring taste.  I truly am so grateful for this time to share my inmost thoughts with each of you.   I hope you enjoy reading my word of the week and it leaves little nuggets of hope, love, laughter and a bit of wisdom along life’s journey.  With this long cold winter season, I know many of you are wishing for some warm sunshine and finding that serenity we all so desperately desire.  That’s when I think it is most important to create the well being right where you are.  Nature can have such a direct impact on our moods and state of mind.  When things are not quite like what we want we have the power within to change our attitude or surroundings to make it what we desire.  What do I mean by this, let me try to explain.


Yes we woke up to a windy cold North wind they are predicting the high to be in the 20’s but wind chill will be below that where I live. We have had snow however, much of the nation is receiving it much worse with heavy snow, freezing rain and temperatures below zero; let us not forget it is February.  I am so thankful for central heat, electricity, natural gas or a fire in the fireplace to warm my home, coat, gloves, seat warmers and heat in my car to go to work but right there we can choose to have a serene state of mind or one that is caught up in the reality of life and complain of the bitter cold. It is all in a matter of our choosing.


I will admit a nice warm beach, sunshine and lapping waters of the ocean flowing up on the shore while you sink your toes into the sand is truly serenity.  Watching the sunrise or sunset over the mountaintop or perhaps looking out and seeing tall pine trees and listening to birds chirping or woodpecker pecking offers serenity.  I also think the flat lands with a windmill and cattle grazing off the land offers peace.  Maybe riding your bike through the park or around the pond of serene water, even a nice snowfall, no wind watching it pile up into a powderly pile of fluff or raindrops falling on the roof of your home. Perhaps your view is the ocean, gulf or lake…can you envision each of those examples did it provide a little peace to your soul?


Personally I love the sound of running water, it truly brings me to a serene state of being, perhaps it is from the fountain, the hot tub flowing over into the swimming pool, a creek or river trickling over rocks, a waterfall, and don’t laugh but I love the sound of a warm bath water running from the faucet especially if it has bubbles, lavender and Epson salt…it is truly calling my name.  Yes a hot warm bath is my ritual every evening.  I love to light candles, play soft music,read, sip on a hot cup of tea and soak away all my troubles and dream yes dream it is so serene!  My hubby is so wonderful if I am taking my bath and he comes to check on me he always asks if I need another cup of tea or need anything, as he knows how this tranquil time lifts my spirits and feeds my soul.  When my children were little they also knew that was Momma’s ”Takin Time Out” and not to bother me for a least 20 minutes.  Now they are gone I kinda miss them sitting outside the door waiting for me to finish.  LOL!


How many of you are facing the trials and tribulations of life right now?  Maybe it is a recent illness, or a not so favorable diagnosis, perhaps it is the heaviness of addiction, depression, debt, loss of job, struggling marriage, wayward child, empty nest or death of a precious loved one?   Maybe it is growing old and not being able to do as much as you once did or having the desire to move forward.  We all have periods in our life things seem uncertain.  That is when I like to call upon the Lord to help me change my perception, I seek his face and I find not only his presence but also his peace and serenity no matter the difficulty we are in.  As Psalm 46:1-2 states, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.”   Romans 8:6 “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace (serenity).”


This also reminds me of the Serenity Prayer which each one of us can benefit from by reading regularly:




 What brings serenity to your soul?  Have you thought about it lately?  Takin Time Out” to reflect on this and planning a getaway even if it is to your favorite place in your home will do you so much good.  Yes I have several serene places in my home besides the bath tub, one is in my chair in the corner of my room where I have built my nest with books, journals, devotionals and my “Takin Time Out” thinkin spot.  If I am not there I am in my kitchen…as I love to bake and cook something scrumptious for my friends and family.  When the weather is nicer I like to go outside and sit by the pool or in the front and dig my hands deep into the fresh dirt of my flower or herb garden or take a brisk walk around the neighborhood.  I encourage you to check out and find a place that speaks to your soul, renews your energy and you find truly serene.  Life is way too short to let it just fly by without finding peace and a tranquil setting every now and then.


Until next time my dear friends, I hope you stay warm…breathe deeper, remain calm and find your serenity this week!






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  1. Mom says:

    Another Masterpiece !!! This is something everyone wants and needs, and you have given the directions and ways to find it !!!! Love you so much.

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