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imageDefinition: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat; feel anxiety or apprehension, avoid or put off doing something because one is afraid.

Well I have to be very truthful with you I have started this blog on several different occasions, I am not sure if FEAR was holding me back or the expectation and anxiety it caused in writing about it.  Many times when I sit down and start to write my thoughts are running faster than my fingers can type but not when it came to this subject.  I think it is kinda funny how words have an affect on your emotions, feeling and thought process.  FEAR can paralyze you.


What comes to mind when you hear the word FEAR?  Are you naturally a FEARFUL person?  Do you have flash backs of times you were FEARFUL?  Maybe you are going through a situation right now and that rush of adrenaline is bubbling up to the surface as you are reading these words?


OK, just for a moment let’s do a visual exercise and pretend it is dark outside, the lights are dimmed and you are home alone.  All alone…The house is quiet, very quiet with the exception of the TV program you are watching, then all of a sudden the electricity goes off the TV is black, your eyes take a moment to adjust to the total pitch blackness and you suddenly hear the back door squeaking open…does your heart start racing, your breathing speeds up and your muscles tighten. Are you frozen or do you immediately jump up to see what is going on?  Eventually you realize there was a storm brewing outside and the wind had blown open the back door and caused the power outage.  Did you have for at least a split second the instance of FEAR before you realize there really was nothing to worry about…see our mind and imagination can play into these emotions?


Then there is the thrill FEAR factor, let’s say you are at a theme park and on the roller coaster ride you have just climbed to the top rung and right before for a split second it hesitates at the peak of its steep track…you know what is about to happen, there is no way to avoid it and it is time to hang on to the handrail, palms sweating, heart racing as you brace yourself for the wild exciting ride down.  Personally I avoid these types of rides at all cost but I have many friends and family that find the rush of FEAR exciting and can’t wait to be next in line for that thrill FEAR seeking ride.  They might also be the type to savor the scariest horror flicks, thrill of extreme sports and be the first to say let’s go to the haunted house tonight after all it is Halloween!

FEAR helps protect us.  It makes us alert to danger and prepare us to deal with it.  Feeling afraid is very natural, like all emotions it can be mild, medium or intense depending on the situation and the person.  It can be brief or last for a long time.  Many people can have a greater FEAR or phobias than others but many times it is triggered from trauma or circumstances in their early childhood and maybe never properly dealt with.  Again I realize FEAR is a vital response to physical or emotional danger and if we didn’t feel it we couldn’t protect ourselves from the legitimate threat.  But the majorities of time we FEAR situations that are far from life-or-death and hang back for no apparent reason.

imageThe FEAR I want to talk more about today is one that makes us powerless or weak the one I consider to be a very bad four letter word.  It causes you to be stuck, perhaps paralyzed or one where you are just not functioning properly.  That distressing emotion aroused by the unknown whether you are simply imagining it or it is actually real.  I personally feel FEAR is your mind simply playing games with you?  This is where Faith must step in and play such an important role in overcoming the bad form of FEAR.  In a recent article I read from Christian author and speaker, Joyce Meyer, she stated if you don’t remember anything else, remember that FEAR is not from God but from Satan.  Second Timothy 1:7 states “Every time you feel FEAR in your life, it’s a manifestation of the kingdom of darkness.”  She also goes on to say we need to resist FEAR and not be tormented with FEAR, this is not a part of God’s plan.  The phrase “do not be afraid” is written in the bible 365 times.  There are exactly 365 days in a year so think about it that each scripture is a daily reminder from God to live every day being FEARLESS.


Have you recently taken inventory in your life and especially in the FEAR department?  How many things have you not tried or done because of this little four letter word called FEAR?  What are we afraid of Failure…ridicule… loss or rejection?  But what if we find true success and happiness?  What is truly holding us back when FEAR has a grip on us so tightly?


In doing a little reading on FEAR did you know there are over four pages of things people are FEARFUL of…the list was endless just to name a few were FEAR of public speaking, thunderstorms, lack of something, loneliness, authority, commitment, heights, germs, closed spaces, flying, airplanes, animals, failure, and the list went on and on.  Living in Dallas we have many people who canceled plans because of the recent Ebola outbreak.  Now I realize we need to be logical and cautious but we also must walk in FAITH.  Isaiah 41:10 comes to mind “FEAR not for I am with you”.  God can bring us out of our bondage and into a life of freedom if we will only allow him to.


Let’s talk a little bit about FEAR of failure. Whenever I am faced with a new opportunity and FEAR tries to take hold and says I am not qualified or wise enough to do this…the little voice in my head keeps saying…YOU WILL Fail!  I think of the story of Milton Hershey…yes the man who created the lush taste of chocolate. Who hasn’t eaten a Hershey chocolate bar?  Did you know Milton Hershey had many failures in business before he started his famous chocolate company?  He grew up in Pennsylvania in the rolling hill countryside.  He actually studied to be a printer and he worked for a small newspaper and quickly decided this was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life so he got a job in the candy factory.  He opened his first candy business near Philadelphia but it failed, he traveled to Denver, Colorado to learn to make caramels and took his skills back to New York selling candies on the street and it failed too.  He finally moved back home where he experimented with all sorts of different candies and chocolates.  There were several dairy farms which helped supply fresh milk.  In 1903 the same year the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane, Milton Hershey built a huge chocolate factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania where it is still the home of the famous Hershey Chocolate bar today.  This teaches a very valuable lesson to never never give up on our dreams and do not allow the FEAR of failure to paralyze you from moving forward.

As I was “Takin Time Out”, this week I really thought about this word.  Yes, our world is ever changing and things are not as they once were.  There are many things we can be FEARFUL about, the economy, war, being a victim, natural disasters, illness, etc.  I feel in our day to day life a small amount of FEAR or insecurity can be beneficial, in that it keeps us on our toes and motivated.  However, when FEAR and insecurity blocks common sense, the unhealthy thought processes clouds our judgment and truly prevents us from reaching our goals.  Many times I think we over think things.  Sure it is good to think things through but when we can’t act for thinking we will never be able to move forward.  We must learn the nature of FEAR before ever becoming FEARLESS.  When I am faced with FEAR or anxiety, I stop and ask myself what is the worst thing that could happen if it doesn’t work?  Yes, there may be some embarrassment, there may be pieces to pick up, some people might not like me and being a people pleaser that can be hard but then again what if it works?  You never know until you give in to FEAR and as Nike’s famous slogan state let’s “Just Do It!”

I know this is sometimes difficult to talk about or confess that we even are FEARFUL of certain things, situations or decisions we have to make.  I encourage you to seek WISE counsel if you are not able to move forward…talking through situations and especially with someone who is a professional, knowledgeable, experienced, or perhaps one who can relate may help give you the courage to take the first step.   Acknowledgement is first, asking for help is second, say your prayers and take a leap of faith even if it means doing it AFRAID!  YOU CAN DO THIS…

I am sipping on my scrumptious cup of hot savoring Green Tea…thinking again how FEAR has had a slight impact on my life and I am ready to make some changes…to view life through new lenses…lenses of full-fledge FAITH!  Start with something small like maybe trying a new recipe if you don’t cook much and the last few things you burned, if you are afraid of flying go to an airport and watch the planes come in and go out you don’t have to get on the plane but get used to the surroundings, maybe you got bucked off a horse as a child and never really wanted to ride again go to the stables pet the horse, brush or feed the horse get used to them then saddle up and walk it around the stable and before you know it you are back in the saddle again.  Let your mind and emotions embrace the reason for FEAR,  breathe deeply, pause and take that next step until you have overcome the situation.  You will then feel the emotion of VICTORY!


Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your FEAR.  I would love to hear from you on this word FEAR…Until next time my dear friends let your faith be BIGGER than your FEAR!
























imageDefinition: A fastening made by tying a piece of string, rope, or something similar.  A tangled mass in something such as hair.


Whew, what another hectic and busy week.  I am sitting here at my computer staring into the big screen while sipping on a delicious cup of Spiced Orange Tea, my stomach is in KNOTS and I have a stress KNOT in my shoulder area pondering what all I have to do.  How do I untie or untangle these KNOTS?  I really work at trying to find balance and making a true commitment to my motto in “TAKIN TIME OUT!”  Lately it just seems to be a bit more challenging than others.  Can you relate?  I find myself entangled in the crazy cycle and uphill battle of life.  So many demands so little time.  That is when my body becomes weary and my mind sometimes starts to think negative thoughts…I find myself focused on the destination instead of enjoy this journey.  I am crossing that one more thing off my “To Do List” instead of appreciating the ability to have so many things to do.


This past weekend, I was sorting through some papers and doing some reorganizing when I ran across a beautiful poem, it is perfect for this

Week’s blog on – “KNOTS!”





This simple little prayer says so much.  The mind is so powerful and our thoughts and words we recite in our head day in and day out truly control the results we produce.


imageLet’s envision for a moment, a large pile of rubber bands, maybe shoestrings or better yet yarn.  To make it more fun each one is a variety of vibrant colors.  Each strand is a different element in our life, such as family, job, home, health, friends, commitments, etc.  They are all lying in a big ole pile and as we go through our journey in life they become jumbled up and some begin to get entangled with another and they have created a KNOT.  Those KNOTS may be problems or challenges and it is going to take time and effort to untie those KNOTS.  Time and effort you may be wishing you were spending on something else but life throws you curve balls along the way and you must focus on those KNOTS for the time being.  Sometimes it feels those KNOTS are tied so tightly and you are not making any progress but really you are, it takes time patience, focus and commitment to not give up.  We live in such a fast paced instant gratification world that we don’t like to wait on much but these challenges or KNOTS may have a mind of their own.  The KNOTS may not all be yours it maybe someone else’s and you have ended up entangled in their KNOT and not always by your choice, but you must learn to share in the experience.


Please be patient as I try to explain…maybe this is a little character lesson but I remember a storybook by Carl Sommer’s on “Tied Up In KNOTS”.

imageHere is a quick summary Benny and Sally don’t mind doing their farm chores and caring for their mules, but they absolutely refuse to share.  Their mules, Bossy and Stiffy, imitate their owners’ selfish ways by stubbornly refusing to let anyone else ride them, and fussing whenever they work together doing farm work.

Dad needs to teach the mules a lesson.  He ties them together which forces them to learn to cooperate in order to eat.  After much struggling, the mules learn to work together and teach their owners Benny and Sally that sharing brings happiness.  This delightful story shows importance of cooperation, tolerance and respect.

So maybe all those KNOTS in life, the struggles, the challenges, the difficulties are there for a reason to teach us something and for me personally to depend more on God.  To depend on his perfect will and timing!  Especially when you are entangled with someone else, you are there to uplift, to help to encourage and maybe not to untie the KNOT but create a stronger bond.  I love all the different types of KNOTS you can tie depending on the use.  KNOTS attached to a rope, connect to slings, secure tents, or create an anchor for boats and big ship liners.  Like the force in our galaxy, KNOTS surround us protect us and can bind us together.  Even in the most unbearable situations.


This last weekend we had the privilege in attending a beautiful wedding of our cousins, the couple were married by the justice of the peace two years ago but they both dreamed of that fairytale wedding, so they scrimped, saved and planned for this special day when they formally could tie the KNOT in front of their friends and family. It was absolutely beautiful, the pastor shared the scripture found in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: if either of them falls down, one can help the other up.  But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.  Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.  But how can one keep warm alone?  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.  The 3 strands stand for man, woman and God.  I absolutely believe this to be true for any marriage to succeed.  I am wishing them both much happiness and a blissful solid marriage.

We have a little Irish heritage and I have always been fascinated by the Celtic Art and the beautiful KNOTS they portray.  Celtic KNOT: a symbol of love and eternity, with no beginning and no end.  It is also known as the mystic KNOT, or the endless KNOT.  Have you had the privilege to really look at how spellbinding their art truly is?  Take a look at just a few of these.  Can you find the beginning or the end?


Celtic art developed into a higher art form with the arrival of Christianity in 450 A.D. The Christians have long used art as a propaganda tool. From illustrated manuscripts to Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel, art has been a key medium for conveying God, the Holy Trinity and the connection between the earthly and heavenly realms. While visiting Ireland a few years back we had the opportunity to see on of the most famous work from this tradition.  The Celtic manuscript, the illustrious Book of Kells from the sixth century whose pages are decorated with Celtic art and KNOTS. The interlacing, continuous design is the symbol of the interconnectedness and continuity of life.  It also represents eternity and was simply amazing!


As a boy scout you have to learn six basic KNOTS to earn your merit badge.  There are the square KNOTS, bowline, sheet bend, clove hitch, two half hitches, and the taut-line hitch.  Thank goodness for my husband, I personally was amazed when I first got married we seemed to move every six months and he could pack a truck and tie some fancy KNOTS with a rope to secure our belongings.  Those were crazy times but I loved every moment and memory!


It is fall and I love to wear scarves depending on my mood may depend on the type of KNOT I use to secure the scarf around my neck.  It is an art if I say so myself.  I prefer a more loose fit and not too close to my neck or I feel as if I am being choked.  As I am typing I think about my adorable cousin and how cute she always looks in her scarf, but to take her real life experience please be careful while cooking with an open flame, the scarf gets too close it catches on fire.  Yes, true story she caught her scarf on fire…so number one lesson you can’t be too cute and cook at the same time! LOL…  I think back when my girls were smaller and learning to tie a perfect little square KNOT on the back of their dress.  My hubby wasn’t home, my son was going out and planning to wear a tie but neither one of us remembered how to tie one.  Thank goodness for YouTube…they walk you through step by step and walla he had it down and lookin good!


How many remember the TV series “KNOTS Landing” or the movie “NOTTING Hill”?  I remember as a child we went to California and visited “KNOTTS Berry Farm”, they always had the best jelly and jam.


Well I best wrap it up for this week.  I love blogging and releasing these crazy thoughts and things that ramble in my head.  The KNOT in my stomach has gone away, therapy pure therapy.  I hope you enjoy “Takin Time Out” this week and maybe you can learn to tie some fancy KNOTS or relax and release those stress KNOTS you may be carrying around as well.  Reread the simple KNOTS Prayer and know God can help you do amazing things with your life….release all those could NOTS, would NOTS and should NOTS that bind your life until next time my friend…Let’s ENJOY life a little bit more…










imageDefinition: The principal street of a town, traditionally the site of shops, banks, and other businesses. The sections of a country centering about its small towns.


I know many of you may be thinking what an unusual topic for this week’s blog.  Not sure if it was the recent visit I had with Granny who is 105 and all the changes she has seen throughout her lifetime or while I was “Takin Time Out” this past week thinking about my childhood and how fortunate I was to live in a wonderful influential small tight knit community.  How many of you had the privilege of growing up in a small town?  Or perhaps you had the opportunity to visit relatives or friends in a small town.  Maybe you actually lived in a small town within a big city.  For example New York City has China town or Little Italy. There was a distinct energy that today, I personally feel is missing.  Maybe it is the sense of connection, being a part of something small with tighter relationships.  I always think of the sitcom “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name.  As you drive across America today it is sad to say the individual flavor I experienced has been lost to the commercial thicket of fast-food drive thru that serve up prepackaged food, to big-box metropolis of one stop shop and even mega churches projected on a big screen has taken the place of a pastor leading a small congregation to one pastor with assistant pastors reaching out virtually to anyone anywhere at any time.



The lost art of MAIN STREET, where we once experienced being able to be a true entrepreneur.  Unfortunately, we have settled for the new normal; big business superstores own us.  I know many of you will argue superstores have been able to lower the price, you have the ease of shopping for everything under one roof while having your oil changed and tires rotated, make your banking transaction, getting your nails done and haircut, weekly shopping…oh and let me not forget grab a quick bite to eat as well.  Yes, I call that convenience but I also would say the quality and personal satisfaction has greatly declined.  Enter the doors at your own risk.  How many of you have to dart back and forth from motorized wheelchairs, to supersized shopping carts and tired screaming children.  Not to mention unique outfits on supersized well maybe I won’t go there.   Personally, I am not a BIG fan…yes I usually have to make one trip a month to the superstore but I have to literally psych myself up each and every time and try to go very very early in the morning.  I miss small town MAIN STREET America.  You drive through any small town and most have store fronts boarded up, there may be one or two shops but for the most part it is a ghost town.  How did we allow this to happen?  I know interstates and by-passes hurt many small towns that catered to the frequent traveler.  Big business, self-service and greed have impacted it too.


Cheers to the small towns and those locals who fought or made a conservative conscientious effort to fight the general decline of MAIN STREET America.  It took hard work from activists and preservationists to acknowledge and help preserve the few cities and towns that have maintained a vibrant MAIN STREET and local merchants.  MAIN STREET is where you admire architecture and sample the local flavor of the community.  I find it ironic a few suburbs in the area I live are trying to bring back that same setting.  Most start out with a Town Square and then proceed with a MAIN STREET where storefronts on the first level and residential living areas above.  For the most part this is working but again the storefronts are usually the large chains.  I miss the distinct individual Mom and Pop type setting.


Growing up in Southeast Colorado, we had one MAIN STREET that was right smack dab in the middle of town.  It is a part of highway 287 so all traffic goes right through it.  We did not have a stop light just a speed limit of 25 miles per hour.  It was vibrant and alive we had two car dealerships; two pharmacies which included soda fountains, multiple independent merchants from clothing stores, shoe stores, dry goods, western wear, dry cleaners, gift shops, flower shops, beauty salon, hardware, auto parts and let’s not forget the local pool hall.  The gas stations actually pumped your gas, checked your oil, washed your window and you charged it on a tab not a credit card.   Speaking of fountains, how many of you remember “forget me knots” with fresh squeezed lemon and crushed ice, vanilla Pepsi or a suicide where you take each of the syrups and add carbonation whew that was deathly.  It’s a wonder we ever survived.    I miss the good ole days, there was competition yet it seemed a bit more simplified.  People truly cared more about their community than themselves and not just what’s in it for them.


We attended church three times a week, Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.  They taught me the importance of being a part of a church body and later my relationship grew stronger and deeper with my Lord and Savior just as 1 Peter 2:2 states, “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.”  The church and their leaders laid a strong foundation.  Fortunately, my Mom and later my Dad played an important role by making sure I was in the house of the Lord.  Mom played the organ or piano whenever the doors were opened.  There were a few short months she actually would attend the Catholic Mass and play the organ for them then high tail it to our little Baptist Church where she played and we always sit on the second pew on the left side of church.  I remember when the pews didn’t have cushions; they were polished and slick, the hymnal was placed in the back side of the pew in front of you with the missions envelope and guest register with a pencil and communion cup holder.  We opened with singing a few hymns, the choir would sing their special and on occasion we would have a solo or duet, the preacher would preach, have a time of invitation then we sang the doxology prayed and then the pastor and his wife would go to the back of the church to greet each member of the congregation and shake their hands.  We would visit briefly and then head home traveling down MAIN STREET for Sunday lunch.  It usually was pot roast, potatoes, carrots, gravy, Jell-O salad and hot rolls  It was always served on the green Frankoma pottery dishes.  We lived on a ranch so the pattern fit well with our lifestyle.


One of my girlfriend’s parents owned a clothing and shoe store; she had a slumber party one night in which we slept downstairs well let’s say stayed not sure we slept much that night in their actual store.  It was so much fun we modeled clothes had a style show and the best part we crawled into the window display with the manikins and pretended we were one, then waive or wink at the local drunks who were leaving the bar next door. Their reactions as we moved and then froze were priceless.  I still laugh about the good times we shared!


MAIN STREET was where all our annual parades took place, whether it was the local fair in August, Homecoming in the fall or the annual Christmas parade in December.  A time for the community to gather and watch the band play, the creative floats pass by or elected Queen Parade Marshall and local dignitaries waive from a convertible.  Candy was usually thrown to the children and you didn’t worry where it came from or someone getting hurt.  Another great memory, once we were able to drive was dragging MAIN STREET, how many tanks of gas did we spend just driving up and down honking at each of our friends as we passed by?  We only could pick up one or two stations on the radio our favorite after dark being KMOA out of Oklahoma City…we would pull over in the IGA or NAPA parking lot and roll down our windows to visit with our friends or switch out passengers.  I truly have fond memories of my days on MAIN STREET.


As I travel I always like to try and find the MAIN STREET in the town I am visiting.  It may not actually be called MAIN STREET but it is the place where the locals hang out.  Even if I am traveling down the interstate I like to veer off and go a mile or two into the town and discover the anchor and distinctive MAIN STREET setting.  There may be a local park, an old theatre, shops, bakery and restaurants.  I love to find unique little shops with local artists or eclectic things. We live close to Grapevine, TX and they do an excellent job to provide the atmosphere I am expressing, twice a year they have big events one is MAIN STREET Days in the Spring and Grapefest is in the Fall.


The romance of Route 66 the Will Roger Highway is probably one of the oldest and most popular it is known as the MAIN STREET of America or the Mother Road.  Hmmm…Come to think about it for those of you who have visited Walt Disney parks whether you are at Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, they have created an atmosphere when you take your first step as you enter the park , it is right onto MAIN STREET, USA with charming store fronts; you are immediately transformed into a world of nostalgia, fantasy and magic.  What about you, what is your take on homespun MAIN STREET.  Is it worth the drive, “TAKIN TIME OUT”, to exit a few miles and experience something unique, quaint and wholesome.  Or do you prefer the fast paced mega big box metropolis?


While “Takin Time Out” this week, why not explore even if it is on the internet some of America’s Greatest MAIN STREETS…here are a few you might like to check out:


  • Salado, TX
  • Fredricksburg, TX
  • Wimberley, TX
  • Grapevine, TX
  • McKinney, TX
  • Georgetown, TX
  • Eureka Springs, AR
  • Hot Springs, AR
  • Natchitoches, LA
  • Sausalito, CA
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Collierville, TN


I would love to hear from you as well and you’re favorite MAIN STREET, USA.   I am sipping on my cup of Hot China Tip Green tea; I feel a sense of pride when I am able to support my local merchants. “Shop Local, Eat Local, Spend Local and Enjoy Local – Support the Local Businesses, who support the area where you live, work and play!” (or visit) Until next time my dear friends….Enjoy a little more of MAIN STREET, USA






imageDefinition: a characteristic taste, flavor, or smell, especially a pleasant one.  A distinctive quality or sensation.

This week’s word brings so much excitement, my brain is thinking so much faster than my little fingers can type.  I decided to take ten “S” words and add the word SAVOR to them bringing a bit more meaning and life to each one.   It portrays the art of slowing down, to be more mindful and immerse yourself into the presence of NOW…So let’s begin!




1)   SAVOR SENSES:  When I hear the word SAVOR four of my five senses come alive, I have a tingling all over, my sense of smell is more distinct, my eyes become more focused and my taste buds and mouth begin to water.  As I am sitting at my computer I have rosemary chicken in the oven, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, fresh green salad and hot rolls all ready.  The kitchen’s aroma is filled with a scrumptious batch of diced apples, fresh orange peel, cinnamon and nutmeg simmering on the stove top, I am getting ready to make an apple crisp for my neighbor who just had surgery.  What brings your taste buds to life?  Maybe it is a succulent glass of your favorite wine; do you prefer red, white or blush?  Some of you may prefer a fresh cup of coffee, latte or cappuccino but personally for me I love scrumptious flavors of hot tea.  As I am sipping on a cup of Chai tea with fresh cream it is delish…   I have a very good friend who has a sweet tooth, she loves dark chocolate and has a habit of plopping a square in her mouth and letting it slowly melt not chewing but SAVORING every moment as it dissolves.  She said you can taste the distinct ingredients this way.  Whether you prefer to SAVOR salt or sugary things, we all need to slow down enjoy and SAVOR our food more…let’s not rush through our next meal but maybe think about as we chew and give thanks for the farmer who planted the seeds and harvested the goods…to the one who packaged and delivered it to the store…to the one who placed it on the shelf, rack or bin…to the one who helped check you out at the store or carried it to your car…to the one who prepared it even if it was YOU.  Let’s SAVOR every step and give thanks we are such an abundant nation to have so many bountiful blessings, fresh produce and variety delicious SAVORING foods.  Pause…breathe deeply…think about what changes you want to make to really enjoy and SAVOR your meals.  It will be good for your digestive system to actually chew, slowing down and SAVOR the flavor; it can be an amazing experience!


2)  SAVOR the Season: Fall is in the air, pumpkins are everywhere and leaves may be turning in your part of the country.  Think of Seasons being moods in the year… and SAVOR the energy each one brings when we change with the season we become more in tune with nature and the way God intended our life to be.  The times at which the seasons turn are particularly powerful, as a Christian our holy days are Christmas and Easter which are close to the winter solstice and spring equinox.  Let’s SAVOR more the twenty-first day of March, June, September and December.  Why not use this time to contemplate the season that’s winding down and the one unfolding.  Maybe you need to clean out or pare down, change your wardrobe or de-clutter all that stuff that is weighing you down, holding you back or is it mental/physical areas you need to work on? Think of it as a wheel of fortune…Change-of-season can give you a renewed energy to SAVOR the season and start again!


3)   SAVOR SELF (Yourself):  This one is really important!  Maybe you need to SAVOR more solitude, “TAKIN TIME OUT” to think, pray, meditate or just plain stare into space.  Breathing deeply, slowly and holding it in counting to 10 and slowly letting it out.  When is the last time you took in a BIG OLE Belly breath and being more aware of how shallow or how deep you breathe…SAVOR  your breath!  SAVOR the Silence & Solitude, I love early mornings before anyone is up including the birds and listening to the rare moments and quirkiness of our home, the air conditioner popping on, the tree branch swaying on the side of the house the stillness yes if you listen really carefully the stillness has a distinct sound. That is truly my time with God…no distractions just he and I carrying on a conversation…reading his word.  In my devotion this week these words really resonated with me “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.  When you’re in a tough situation, your mind tends to go into overdrive that is when you need to lean on me, I am with you”.  I love these two verses;

Psalm 62:5 “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone.”

Luke 5:16 “Jesus often withdrew to lonely (solitude) places and prayed.”


4)   SAVOR Simplicity:  Let’s count our blessing of the Simple things in life we so often take for granted.  How many of you have read the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  It is a daybook of comfort and Joy, one I read year after year.  I love when things are simple and you are content.  It is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.  SAVOR the simplest of things!  How many of you love to read…when I find a good book I love to SAVOR each and every page imagining I am right there with each character as we travel through the storyline, when I have finished I always feel I have lost a good friend.  What are a few of your favorite books you have read lately?  Then there are always movies, a good one that captures your interest I love to SAVOR every line some may be suspenseful while others may make you laugh or cry…let’s learn to SAVOR and enjoy entertainment a little bit more.


5)   SAVOR Soul Mates/Sista’s/Sinners:  This could encompass all of your loved ones whether they are your family or friends.  When is the last time you got together with the ones you love?  Did you really embrace and SAVOR the time you shared? Were you distracted with responsibility, pettiness, or envy?  Were you pleased, proud and SAVORING the precious time you had together?  Think back to riding in the car when your teenagers first began driving, what about the first real job you had and opening up the first paycheck or maybe playing checkers or wahoo with your great grandpa, drinking coke out of a jelly jar and listening to Paul Harvey on the radio?  SAVOR the memories of your childhood…There is so much tragedy in this world, sickness, disease, accidents that caused sudden injury or death…think about this past week or month and how the dynamics of either your specific circumstances or a friends have changed.  You never truly know what tomorrow will bring that is why it is so important to live in the NOW and SAVOR this specific time.  I also feel strongly it is important to tell those you care most deeply about how much you love and care about them.  SAVOR the snuggle time or holding that tiny infant, holding your soul-mates hand or playing footsie under the table.    Simple SAVORING Acts of Kindness…leaving a handwritten note, sending a text or surprise them with something small and simple or most importantly your time!

This weekend we actually will have the privilege of celebrating with my husband’s grandmother, “Granny Burns” who is 105 yes I said 105th birthday…can you imagine how she has SAVORED each and every day through her life?  The cool thing is she is a little hard of hearing, but can carry on a conversation and is in tune with everything going on in this world today…Simply Amazing!

6)   SAVOR SATURDAY AND SUNDAYS:  Usually I have cleaning and errands to run but I love the freedom and flexibility the weekends bring!  Saturday’s are full of grandkid’s soccer games and Sunday’s bring us opportunity to go to church and treat it as a special day of rest, relaxation and renewal.  “TAKIN TIME OUT “ you might say!  We try and have our family over for Sunday dinner, a time we can all be together around the dinner table SAVORING scrumptious food, laughter and fun!  Having adult conversations with your children, listening the good times and sharing even the bad but hopefully makin precious memories…


7)   SAVOR SLEEP:  There is nothing better than a good solid night sleep.  As I have gotten older my sleep patterns very from night to night.  Especially when I am extremely busy at work and several things on my mind, I wake up and I try to give it to the Lord but my flesh sometimes takes control and well you know what I mean you just don’t sleep. Naps can be good too, I love a good power nap, my Grandpa Charlie would always sleep sitting up in his chair right after lunch it would only take 10 or 15 minutes and he was good to go for the rest of the day!


8)   SAVOR SILLYNESS:  This does not come naturally for me but I love nothing more than a good belly laugh and being silly on occasion.  Especially while spending time with my grandchildren and girlfriends, you know we just wanna have fun!


9)   SAVOR SERVING:  I was designed by God with a servant’s heart and love nothing more than when I am serving others.  I do SAVOR each and every moment and cherish the opportunities I have been able to be the hand and feet of Jesus.  I love the quote by Maya Angelou “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Also, Mother Teresa left this world such a better place and one of her quotes resonates in my mind “Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.”  SAVOR the times you can serve or be served…


10)  SAVOR SATISFACTION :  Let’s be more content and satisfied with where we are and who we are, it’s ok to strive to improve but don’t be discouraged or focus on the negative when things don’t always turn out the way you want.  Life is a journey, there are lessons to be learned, experiences to endure, tests, trials, temptations and distractions. Our bodies change, they may become a little more fluffy but more of you to love let’s vow to SAVOR today!


Thich Nhat Hanh made a profound statement “Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive”.  Please read that statement again very slowly; where are you in life?  While “TAKIN TIME OUT” this week let’s reflect on that statement are you truly being alive or are you just existing?  Are you truly SAVORING every moment?  I really think I will make SAVOR, my word of the year for 2015…slow down no more rushing, re-prioritize and be less busy until next time I would love to hear your “S” word for SAVOR.  SAVORING takes practice, you have to hit the pause button..  I encourage you this week to SAVOR the present and let’s make a difference in being more alive…













imageDefinition: Actively doing something; full of activity or work.  Engaged in activity; having a great deal to do.  Keep occupied.


Last week’s topic on Rushing was a true confession of changes I personally wanted to improve upon, while “TAKIN TIME OUT” and pondering ways to slow down I have begun to reprioritize some things and embrace each day.  I have realized another very important contributor to my rushing was the Art of Being BUSY!  What comes to your mind when you hear the word BUSY?  Maybe you think of words like active, unavailable, working, buried, swamped, overloaded, persevering, having a full plate, on the go, tied up, on assignment, slaving, snowed, hustling, engaged and industrious.

Have you ever greeted a friend or coworker, asked how they were and they proceeded to tell you how BUSY they were and all about everything they had to do?  The thing is though; you joined right in, sharing with your friend how BUSY you were too and everything you had to do.  It almost became a friendly competition of who was BUSIER.  LOL I know each of you can relate…

Personally I feel better when I am active and BUSY!  I love to juggle several balls in the air and have a variety of things going on in my life.  It is stimulating, invigorating and basically the way I feel God has wired me. Needless to say my life is never boring a little overwhelming at times yet it is all good and I feel very blessed.    While traveling on the road this week I was listening to one of my podcasts, Joyce Meyer made a statement that was very profound “God did not intend for his people to be BUSY but to be fruitful.”  B-being, U-under, S-satan’s, Y-yoke……BUSY, don’t let the enemy get you under his yoke by making you too BUSY.  Wow that hit home hard and I began to think about this a little deeper.  Personally I want to be more fruitful meaning to produce more good in this world, be productive, helpful and less BUSY!  I want each active approach to have meaning a purpose and not to do things just to be doing it out of a ritual or habit.  I think I have mentioned before how I have this constant struggle of being more like Martha in the Bible but seeking to be more like Mary…

Luke 10:38-42”Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving. (Being BUSY) And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

Can you relate to what I am trying to say? Stick with me and hopefully this will make a little more sense.  I have just poured me another cup of scrumptious hot Earl Grey tea…mmm soooo delicious on this beautiful autumn evening!  Breathe in deeply, let you’re breath out slowly and let’s continue…

How many times a week do you hear yourself say, “I am so BUSY, how am I ever going to get it all done?”  We are not really wired for the rapid pace we are living.  Our brains can transfer information very quickly, but most of us need time to process the experience, just the way good bread dough needs time to rise for those of you who love to bake I know you can relate.  Have you ever stopped to consider why and what purpose you are serving.  Is it being fruitful and producing an end result or is it just an activity to take up time and maybe procrastinate from doing something that really needs to be done or dealt with in your life?   Have you ever considered your BUSY may be an addiction?  Are you too involved in so many things that you don’t have or take time to stop and really deal with the hurt, the pain, the void or facing the fears of maybe being alone or being with the one you love because the fire has gone out of the relationship?  Are you BUSY because you are afraid of discovering something from your past or are you running from responsibility or tarnished relationship whether it is with family or friends?  Are you BUSY because you have properly grieved the loss of a loved one, or loss of job, your home or financial issue? Or are you guilty of being a people pleaser…wanting to make everyone happy so you keep taking on more and more. What about our children?  Have we introduced them to too many extracurricular activities, wanting them to be included in everything while trying to figure out what they may be good at?  They have school, multiple sports activity, music lessons, and church, home team, parties, etc.  Yet do we teach them to be still and savor the moment, relax and enjoy being alone?  Personally this is an era of over-booked schedules, maximum stimulation, fast food and sound bites.  How many of you try and watch the news and we have a streaming line of words across the bottom, a corner in the right has an update while the newscaster is giving an excerpt on the latest breaking news but your twitter and social media has already reported most of it hours before.  It’s crazy and personally I feel out of control!

This is where I think each one of us has to really stop and ask why we do what we do and have we over committed ourselves to certain things.  Now granted I think there are seasons in our life that are BUSIER than others and maybe we have formed a habit and we don’t know life any other way. In my line of work 3rd and 4th quarter have always been a BUSY time but lately so has 1st and 2nd quarter.  I know with the advancement in technology and being able to reach out to people 24/7 through internet/social media etc. we stay wired and that adds to our BUSYNESS.

Let’s face it we are each given the same amount of time 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year.  Are your days filled to the brim…are you too BUSY?  For those who make a To Do List…take it out review each item on that list. What end result will truly be fruitful?  What can be deleted never missed if it weren’t done did you just put it on there to make you feel good because it helped fill the page?  Now what can be delegated?  What can be hired out and maybe give someone needing extra income something to do?  What can be traded with a friend because they like to do it and you take something you are passionate about from their list?  Let’s all agree to become less BUSY and more fruitful.

When you say the word BUSY it reminds me of a Bumble Bee that Buzzzzz’s around.  There is the saying “You are BUSY as a bee!”  Did you know the Bee is the symbol of accomplishing the impossible? Aerodynamically, its body is too large for its wings and should not be able to fly.  Although now we understand how it does fly (high rate of wing movement), the Bee remains a symbol of accomplishing anything you put your mind to.  The Celtics associated the Bee with hidden wisdom, in Egypt the Bee symbolized royalty.  The Bee is always working; gathering, going from flower to flower getting as much as it can, then back to the hive to tell everyone where to find the good patch and to store what he has gathered.  Did you know without the bee, 90% of our food crops would cease to produce?  Did you also know the average life span of a queen bee is 2 to 5 years, the drone or male bee lives 40 to 50 days and the worker or female bee lives from 1 to 4 months.  Now that gives a little more to think about being BUSY as a Bee!  Keep it up and life can be short…

I once read if the Bee has shown up in your life, examine your own productivity.  Are you doing all you can to make your life more abundant?  Are you BUSY enough or too BUSY?  Are you making time to savor the honey of life or becoming a workaholic?  The bee reminds us to make our lives productive while the sun shines and to enjoy the nectar of efforts.  No matter how great the dream is, there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue our dreams.  But we must take time to dream and not get all caught up in the Art of being BUSY!  Where are you on this subject?  Do you need to reprioritize some things in your life too?  While “TAKIN TIME OUT” this week think about the word BUSY and then think about the Bee what changes do you need to make in order for your life to become more fruitful?  Dream your dreams and put into action. As Mother Teresa’s once said, “God never called us to be successful he called us to be faithful.”   Until next time my friend make sure your buzzing has purpose, let’s be faithful and fruitful…