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imageDefinition:  a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially: one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants.


We celebrated the first day of spring this past week.  We have had a considerable amount of rain, cloudy and cold days in Northern Texas, yet this week Mr. Sun showed up!  Sunshine and warmer days brought happiness to this girl’s heart.  Yet as I ventured out into my front yard I was soooo disappointed to see the weed and feed we put on the grass last fall seemed to do just that…my yard was covered with various types of weeds, slowly choking out our beautiful Bermuda grass.  Ugh…I pulled all those pesky little plants from my flower beds, put another layer of mulch and sprayed our lawn hoping the rain would hold off a few more days and praying the spray would kill those weeds this time.   I love working in the yard, it feeds my soul, nothing like digging in the dirt and watching the earth worms squirm back into the rich soil.  This last weekend, I actually found a den of garden snakes still hibernating from old man winter.  Precious memories flooded over me thinking about my childhood in Southeast Colorado.  Grandpa Charlie would spend hours upon hours doing yard work and in the spring planting his vegetable garden by hand.  My Grandpa Jack actually farmed…spring was always the time for tilling the soil and then planting and he took pride in creating a very straight row from behind the tractor wheel and watching the plow cultivate the rich soil and creating a furrow so folks could admire while driving down Highway 287.









Maybe that is why the weeds in my front yard bothered me so bad.  I was taught to have a sense of pride, we work hard for what we have and need to take very good care it. Others may consider it to be proper curb appeal.  Yet those pesky little weeds just showed up…I didn’t plant them, I didn’t nurture nor did I cultivate them…in fact I took an extra step last fall to limit the potential of having them…yet they appeared uninvited and seemed to be multiplying by the minute.  I was visiting a friend in a fairly prestige’s area of Dallas as I got out of my car I had to laugh she had those pesky little weeds growing in the cracks of her concrete too!  Made me feel a bit better we all have weeds to deal with!


As I was sipping on my cup of Teavana Dragonwell Green Tea this morning   during my quiet time and reflecting on my dilemma with the weeds in my yard, I suddenly realized not only do we have weeds in our yards and the cracks in the cement we also have weeds in our daily lives as humans!  Think about it for just a minute…what weeds (challenges) do you have that may be choking you from living your life to the fullest?


Perhaps they are bad behaviors, habits, little white lies, or unhealthy daily patterns.   It could very easily be a thought in our mind or procrastination of doing or saying something.  It is specific to each individual.  Each person has a certain weakness inherent within which means the weed can be a different thing for each person but the effects can be just as harmful.  It starts small and you may not even realize it is a weed at first. Take a dandelion for example, as a child you see the fuzzy little head and how tempted we are to make a wish and blow the seeds into the air…yet each one of those little seeds will land and cultivate in the form another weed it grows into a vibrant yellow flower yet it is still a weed.

Weeds in our lives may be certain books you read, or movies you watch, people you hang out with.  You are truly innocent at first yet the content begins to play in your mind, perhaps they are not the most appropriate and the more you feed your mind of these things the more they take control.  Before you know it a little cuss word slips out of your mouth, social drinking becomes more of a daily habit, a little flirting thinking it was all in fun can go way too far, over indulge in eating or perhaps gossip is your downfall and envy takes root!  Temptation, competition, negativity, lies, control…we all are guilty in some form or fashion.


What are we to do about these weeds?  Be careful to not just yank the top off, you must dig deep and pull the weed from the roots.  Once you pull the root up it will definitely leave a hole so one must find positive resources to fill that hole or another weed will quickly start to grow back.  In other words find the root cause of the weed that is growing and make changes, ask for help or hire a professional weed control (a counselor or coach) to help you with that endeavor. This is where my faith in God helps me by reading his word, my daily devotional, meditation and prayer time.  I can also be encouraged through a weekly Bible study, attending church and general fellowship with other believers.  Please don’t be discouraged or give up as you are not alone…we all have weeds we have to contend with in our life.


Some weeds are meant to grow with the good seedlings…in fact scripture is very clear Matthew 13:24-30 is the parable of the Weeds.

24 He put another parable before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field, 25 but while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds[a] among the wheat and went away. 26 So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also. 27 And the servants[b] of the master of the house came and said to him, ‘Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have weeds?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ So the servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’ 29 But he said, ‘No, lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.’”

God sometimes plants us among the weeds to be an example to others and make us depend upon him more.  There are seasons that are meant to be.  Be strong, be faithful, be consistent, be bold!


As you are “Takin Time Out” this week, maybe it is time to take a look at the weeds in your garden of life…what changes or challenges do you want to change?  I know I have my list and am working steadily to find the root causes and pull them up…filling them with rich soil to help produce a more positive outcome…Until next time my friend enjoy the season of Spring, identifying your weeds and pulling them up one root at a time and know each day is a gift and one we can begin again…

















imageDefinition:  a long, thin, flat piece of timber used especially in building and flooring.A foundation; a support.  A position held for a certain period of time in exercise. A fundamental point of a political or other program.


Do you ever look at the events of your day and start to chuckle asking yourself how it the world did that ever happen?  Well that was the case for me this week.  I have a tendency to multi-task and book appointments back to back, I was running a little behind for a particular appointment when I whipped in and couldn’t find a parking space in the designated parking lot, they were apparently going to be working on a portion of it as it was blocked off but I didn’t pay much attention so I parked in a grassy area connected to the barricades.  I grabbed my enrollment material and rushed into the meeting with the client and began a full day of enrollments.  Low and behold as I returned to my car later that afternoon, they had jack hammered most of the concrete within the barricades and removed the concrete, it had also rained quite a bit so it was a muddy swampy mess how was I ever going to get to my car in my cute little high heels?  I look around and there was a two by four wooden PLANK so I proceeded to angle it just right to connect it from the remaining concrete to the grassy area and so carefully balancing myself tip-toed on the PLANK to my car, Whew, I made it praying no one was watching.  LOL…


While thinking about that simple PLANK of wood and how it provided a support and path to my car this week.  I realized during a good workout routine both in yoga and weight training the instructor will encourage me to do a PLANK, it is great for the core muscle group and building up stability.  You mentally have to prepare yourself, it is where you get down on the floor and support your entire body on your forearms and toes or you can do a raised PLANK on your hands and tippy toes.  You want your body (the trunk portion) to be completely parallel in a straight line to the floor sucking your core belly in continuing breathing yes take note breathing and holding the PLANK position for at least a minute if not longer.   Do not let your hips, head, belly or shoulders drop.   Now you might say this sounds easy but it can be deceiving.  If you are in the proper form it takes strength, endurance and is working your back, abs, and core.  The PLANK is one of the best exercises for core conditioning while working your glutes, hamstrings and supports proper posture and improves balance.  I highly recommend it!  Start slow and work yourself up to that minute…better to do several short intervals maintaining proper form than to hold improperly for longer periods of time.


As I am “Takin Time Out” and sitting sipping on a scrumptious warm cup of Earl Grey tea with a hint of mint and fresh lemon with honey, I look around my home and wonder how many PLANKS of wood did it actually take to build our home?  Each stud hidden beneath the sheet rock, each rafter in the ceiling, our floors are concrete but we have overlaid them with PLANKS of lush dark stained hardwood.  Even the chair I sit in the frame is built with PLANKS of wood and covered with stuffing and leather.  How many trees did it take to make each PLANK? How many lumberjacks to cut down the trees, how many drivers to haul the trees to the sawmill and how many sawmill workers did it take to cut and shave into PLANKS? Then back on a truck to deliver to the lumber yard.  So many steps throughout the process and in the end we get to enjoy the comforts they bring!


Both of my girls love the cottage feel in their décor, I love how they are using old PLANKS of wood to make signs with words of wisdom written on them. Quotes like “Let your past be your spring-board, not your quicksand.” Or “Gratitude turns what we have into enough!” Using old PLANKS of wooden fences and barn siding…you can be so creative and I love the thought of recycle and continuing to find use for things that seem to be a little worn out. We are so blessed and I am thankful how the Lord provides for our every need.


When I say the word plank I can’t help but think of a pirate ship.  It was a form of punishment where their captives were forced to walk off a wooden PLANK or beam extended over the side of the ship until falling into the water.  However, I prefer to focus on my grandson who loves dressing up as Jake the Neverland Pirates a cartoon character found on the Disney channel.  It’s a little more light hearted.


While listening to a certain podcast this week, they brought up the topic of not passing judgment on others…(Ouch)!  It was based on the scripture found in Matthew 7:5, “You hypocrite, first take the PLANK out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”  


We need to be on our knees each morning crying out to God to purify our hearts, souls and mind.  Our fleshly desire is to point our fingers and find holes in others yet God wants us to search our hearts first before we intercede for others.  Take your hand and point your finger, then really take a hard look for the one finger you may be pointing there are three fingers point back to you.  Is their sin in your life that is blocking the blessing for our loved ones, we need to set a right example to make sure we are not a stumbling block to anyone.  Let us search our hearts with God given binoculars…don’t justify our pride, arrogance, anger, envy, short temper, sharp tongue (ouch), smugness and rudeness.  How many times are we sitting in church, or serve on committees, meetings or perhaps you act one way at church and another at work or home.  Do you have a big ole PLANK in your own eye?  We fight with our brother and sisters and still sit inside the church, we are mean, cunning and yet not convicted.  Lord, give me eyes to see my own sin daily and ask for your forgiveness.  Help me overcoming judgment and pride… and as the golden rule states, to treat others as I would want to be treated!  Just remember our spiritual sight does not come from our efforts but rather from God’s grace in our lives…the closer we get to God the more grace he will provide.


Yes, I know its another random word this week but as you are “Takin Time Out”, why not reflect upon the PLANKS you may have in your own eye.  Are there areas of improvement either inside or out?  Do you need to ask for forgiveness or release partial judgments?  Do you need to walk the pirate ship PLANK and die to self, asking God to take control and fill yours soul with Grace?  Perhaps you need to do a little physical exercise by getting down on the floor and holding the PLANK to improve your core, stability and clarity!  Until next time my friend I hope you will think of the word PLANK to make your life a stronger foundation and allow God to support your every need…











imageDefinition:   1. To turn (a computer’s operating system) off and then on again; restart.


I am ALIVE again…I am soooo excited the time changed last weekend…yes we have sprung forward and for some reason it is like I have been REBOOTED!  What about you?  In my younger days I never really noticed it but as I have gotten older, when we fall back in the fall it is like life is in a fog it gets dark so early my mood changes, I think we should be like bears and just hibernate for the winter. LOL!  Now that we have changed the time back I have a new set of energy, purpose and it makes me soooo very happy!


Have you ever been working on your computer and all of a sudden it becomes slow or you receive the dreaded screen with the words ERROR!  You take a deep breath and decide maybe you need to hit the famous Control, Alt Delete?  You say a little prayer it comes back on and you didn’t lose everything you were working on.  I have even had the screen freeze up where Control, Alt, Delete didn’t even help so you push and hold the ON button, waiting watching and praying!  If all else fails yes I admit I have unplugged waited 20 seconds and plugged it back in.  Most of the time this works and the REBOOT is a success…


With the time change and drizzly rain this week, I quickly reflected on the point there are times in our lives where we each need to actually REBOOT our personal lives.  We seem to get stuck in a pattern, following the wrong path for way too long or we simply need a jolt; REBOOTING can be the best thing for a positive solution.  Whether it is a control, alt, delete OR pressing the power button we all need REBOOTING.  Just like a computer we change how we are currently functioning, not the inner workings but how we are operating.  Maybe there are things that need to be deleted from the hard drive or old history wiped away, yet there may be some parts you need to back up and hold onto for future reference.


In order to properly go through a REBOOT process, we need to clearly step back and steer clear of whatever it is that we are doing to cause the need for the REBOOT in the first place.  This actually may mean to give yourself permission in taking a day off in the middle of the week, Yes for some of you please stop and reread that sentence again including myself!  Or maybe it is actually taking a trip to get away from it all so you can clear your thoughts, feelings and particular situation.  “Takin Time Out!”  Regardless it has to be something that you would not normally do.  This isn’t running away from the situation…this is simply putting yourself in a place to really concentrate and visualize what your next step should be.  The goal is to reset yourself and we all know you can’t effectively do that when you are still “ON!”

As you go through the process to clear your head, you make a plan and begin to work the plan.  Clean out the clutter, the cobwebs, the things that weigh you down.  This may mean organizational matters, material things, personal relationships, finances, or your health and well-being.


I recently was home alone on a Sunday afternoon and I very rarely watch TV but decided to flip through the channels, I love the cooking shows and HGTV but there wasn’t anything that caught my eye so the next program I turned to was entitled “Natural REBOOT” it is on ZLiving.  It is an inspiring new series where viewers nominate friends and family who need a makeover into a healthier and happier lifestyle.  Host Purva Bedi (who has been on Nurse Jackie, Gossip Girl, House, ER, The Good Wife and Law & Order among others) has a team of women who are experts in their field and work one on one with this individual to tackle the things that are standing in their way of progress and growth.  It may be their diet, wardrobe, exercise, clutter and more…the women are challenged to restore balance in their lives and become their very best they can be.  It is so inspiring to watch people helping people especially women in improving their daily lives and feel worthy.  I was like sign me up PLEASE!  There are so many areas of my life I feel I am on the right track but the few I am not, well let’s just say they can truly put a damper on the overall view of my inner being.  We all go through periods of time where we could use a makeover or having someone help us get unstuck and that is why we need to REBOOT!


The word REBOOT also makes me think of the powerful documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!”  Joe decided to go on this amazing journey to REBOOT his health by juicing.  He lost an incredible amount of weight but transformed his whole body inside and out.  If you haven’t watched I encourage you to especially anyone struggling with a few unwanted pounds and feeling sluggish, tired and overwhelmed.


Well we all know, Spring is right around the corner and a perfect time to REBOOT!  Maybe you need to do some Spring cleaning?  Personally I have started this past weekend with the closets, drawers and purged unwanted clothes, shoes and stuff.  Next I plan on tackling the kitchen, bath or extra empty rooms where my family has a tendency to put things instead of where they belong.  Another area I need a REBOOT is with my health and fitness program…I have been stuck indoors the past few months and have not been as disciplined with all the unpredictable weather to go to the gym or Yoga studio.  I prefer to be outside in the fresh air and I can’t wait to start my walking program really soon.


What about your spiritual walk?  I know I personally have gone through a few dry seasons in my life but I know my Lord and Savior has been faithful.  As 1 John 1:9 states “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  This brings me such comfort.  We have been studying Moses in our Women’s Bible Study on Tuesday and it has been a very powerful study.  Moses life is the perfect example of many REBOOT’s throughout his journey.  Yet God was faithful and continued to use him.  He was born an Israelite and his mother feared the King of Egypt would kill him since he was a boy, she took a huge leap of faith and hid him in the Nile river and Pharoah’s daughter found him and took him in and he became a prince of Egypt, later he ended up killing an Egyptian soldier and being scared fled to the dessert.  He became a shepherd in the dessert and then God called upon him the one the stuttered and was so insecure to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promise Land…Amazing story and many REBOOTS!  It shows if God calls us to do something, we should listen, obey and proceed.  Walking by faith not by sight…


I am sipping on a fresh cup of mint tea, while”Takin Time Out” and planning for the weekend.  I encourage each one of you to take a serious look at your life and ask yourself do I need to REBOOT?  If the answer is yes, then make a date with yourself to take the next step.  If you do not, is there someone you know that might need a little encouragement to hit the Control, Alt, Delete button in their life and REBOOT?  Until next time dear friends, it’s never too late to begin again…be blessed and don’t be afraid to REBOOT……

































imageDefinition of HEART:  The organ in your chest that pumps blood through your veins and arteries; the front part of your chest; the HEART thought of the place where emotions are felt.

Definition  HEALING: Is the process of restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.


Well it is hard to believe February is gone and March is here. You wouldn’t know it as ole man winter hit North Texas with a wintery blast of snow and ice this week.  As I am sitting here sipping on my favorite cup of Earl Grey Tea on this brisk cool morning, I have the sound of the ocean and a solo guitar playing in the background thinking this will sooth and bring warmth to my heart and  soul….mmmm….savoring the moment!  It is so still quiet and the birds are singing their favorite morning song.  I love early mornings…the beginning of a brand new day!  Especially after a very busy and hectic week, I just need to BREATHE …simply breathe in and hold now slowly letting it out.  It is so refreshing as I close my eyes breathing in slowly counting to 10…HOLD…now slowing releasing counting to 20.  It clears my head!


In my quiet time this morning I was reading a passage in Proverbs when this verse struck a nerve. Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  It was just a couple weeks back I was reading an article from a new found favorite blogger Michael Hyatt on this very verse.  He stated King Solomon who wrote this passage was emphasizing the heart above everything else especially as a leader, mentor or parent. Really I think as a person living our everyday life.   It is more important than any skills, your intellect, your education, and your experiences if it is not from the heart it is not fully being engaged and really all for nothing.   Hang tight and I will try to explain better as we go along.


Let’s think about this for a moment for many of us as a child we are so free spirited and trusting.  There are endless possibilities that steadily over time we begin to have situations happen and we are not as trusting or we become damaged maybe not even being fully aware this is happening.  Yet our heart is our inner compass if we feel it from the heart it is sincere and we are totally complete.

What relationships have you had in the past that have changed through time?  Perhaps you were very close and something or someone came in between the relationship that caused hurt or pain.  Let’ use an example of a small splinter it pierced the skin and was buried underneath the skin at first you didn’t notice it and then a couple days later a red infection became apparent and it began to hurt, the next day the pain was a little greater until it finally festered and you had to figure out a way to get it out.


The same thing can happen to our hearts.  Perhaps many of you have been carrying around a burden for quite some time pierced by prior circumstance.  Someone has hurt us; we slide into a deep depression we are lethargic asking ourselves why?  What did I do…how did this happen…the pain is so severe.  We take things personal when maybe they weren’t personal at all.  Through time we try and cover it up, we move through the motions, you may bring your head to work, your body, your energy but not your HEART!  In reality it is just not the same.  If you haven’t dealt with the root cause you will never be fully healed.  That is where “Takin Time Out” can help you need to set a plan of action, perhaps it is reaching out to that other person whether in person or on the phone.  I think text messaging or emails are cold…and the meaning or sincerity can be watered down or misunderstood.  They may not take your call or want to see you and this can cause additional anxiety but be persistent and patient as it may take weeks, months or even years.  You truly need to do this in order to discover the reasons why and find some type of closure and truly learn from the experience.  You might not like the answers but it is all about the growth process and forgiveness.


Sometime the situation wasn’t even truly about you and you have carried around all that anxiety, worry and awfulizing for months!  You find out it was completely about something else.  All that wasted negative energy for nothing.


Are you living your life through your HEARTS intent?  Are you passionate about all you do and say…don’t shut down your heart, you are cheating the people who love you and most importantly you are robbing yourself from true abundance!


Michael also stated we should have Four Disciplines of the Heart:

1)     Discipline of Reflection-Find Solitude we live in such a chaotic world we need to be quiet and still and pull away for a while and reflect.  Disengage or unplug…

2)    The Discipline of Rest-We are deigned to shut down for at least a third of the daily cycle.  Running at such a fast pace will eventually catch up with us.

3)     The Discipline of Recreation-We need to find time to have fun, laugh find our inner creativity.  Painting, writing, listening or playing music.  Maybe cooking, building something whatever unleashes the happy juices.

4)    The Discipline of Relationships-God created us for a relationships just as the trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit living together in perfect harmony. Invest time in those we love the most.


I hope this makes you be a bit more aware of your Heart and the desire of the life you wish to live.  Is there someone you need to call or visit?  As you are “Takin Time Out” my dear friend, this week pray about it and God will open the door or window to make your heart healthy once again…