imageDefinition: personal belongings packed in suitcases for traveling.  Past experiences or long-held ideas regarded as burdens and impediments.



Whew what a month, as I am sitting here typing these random thoughts that are floating from my head, I am craving a scrumptious cup of steaming hot Green Ginger Tea. It’s my new favorite blend.  I debated between two topics to write about this week and finally decided to go with BAGGAGE!  What do you think of when you hear the word BAGGAGE?  For some reason Mary Poppins popped into my head with her button down coat, umbrella and her famous suitcase known as carpet BAG.







I also had to chuckle thinking of an awards trip I won through my previous employer a few years back to a beautiful 5 Star resort in Florida known as “The Breakers”. Several of us flew in together and rented two vans, one was a white passenger van and the other was more like a utility van with no seats that carried all our BAGGAGE and multiple sets of golf clubs. I actually rode a bit illegal, as I laid on the BAGGAGE from the airport to the hotel we didn’t all fit in the other van.  Honestly it was like the Beverly Hillbillies rolling up in our high class rental vans.  The bellman and valet guy didn’t know what to think as we barely fit through the Porte-co-chere entrance in front of the hotel.  Personally I think they wished we would have gone to the delivery dock to unload it was a sight to behold…I chalk it up to another great adventure of Makin precious Memories!


Just recently I had a flight on Southwest Airlines that made one stop before my final destination. Most of the passengers deplaned with the exception of a few of us, I was reading my book when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I noticed one flight attendant crawling up in the BAGGAGE bin while another closed the door.  I was thinking this is odd. Then they began to let the new passenger’s board and as you can anticipate the first person walking on wanted a seat up front opened the door to the BAGGAGE bin and out popped the flight attendant.  She scared the poor passenger to death, yet fortunately I found out they knew each other. What a great joke… It was priceless! Needless to say we all had a good laugh.  Southwest flight attendants always seem to have just a little more fun than other airlines.


This past week, while “Takin Time Out”; I began reflecting on a couple of friends and situations they are going through. For one in particular I envisioned her carrying this backpack filled with rocks and she takes it everywhere she goes.  It really is exhausting.  The weight of the backpack seems too much to bear at times.  Each of those rocks resembles her past life, one of regret, guilt, anger, remorse, emotional bondage, fear, a dysfunctional and damaging childhood, divorce, addiction, envy, and worry.  The emotional BAGGAGE is really too much to bear.  The unfortunate thing is she can’t seem to escape from this backpack, she sleeps with it and that causes for restless nights.  Her mind is always racing and this leaves her on edge.  In some cases the anxiety in her mind created circumstances much worse than the reality and it really isn’t all that bad.  My heart hurts for her!  She is truly stuck in bondage…


I recall from a Bible Study I did with Beth Moore on “Breaking Free” The whole premise of the study is to totally release yourself to the BAGGAGE that is holding you captive. I remember her saying BAGGAGE attracts BAGGAGE. She and her husband have worked very hard through their 30+ years to retain their marriage and help one another unpack their bags.   It hasn’t been easy but how awesome is that?  Are we each helping our spouse as well as ourselves through this endeavor daily?


Have you ever heard someone mention how children will pay for the sins of the parents? Did you realize that was part of the 10 Commandments? Exodus 20:5 says, “You shall not bow down to them (referring to any kind or type of idol) or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.” Generational BAGGAGE or bondage!


Let’s go back to the verse for a moment and camp out on the whole idol part. An idol (or god – notice the small “g”), is anything or anyone we worship or use as a replacement for God. Only Christ can set us free from this worship. All other gods can only enslave; therefore, enslaved parents teach their children how to live in bondage even with the best of intentions to do otherwise. Take alcoholism for example, if a census were to be taken of the number of alcoholics in three generations of an alcoholic parent’s family, the head count would very likely be high. Why? Because alcoholism had been deposited in the family line. Alcoholism reared its nasty head and an unfortunate number of children and grandchildren fell into the same type of bondage as the parent. Sins of the parents and grandparents add up in the next generations.


Another example could be their mindset, lack of self-esteem perhaps they felt because their parents didn’t go to college and get an education they can’t or don’t need to either. Or you can reverse the role and the parents are very highly educated but one child struggles and they decide degrees aren’t for them and guilt set in.  I feel it is all in our attitude and how we apply our God given talent.  Yes, a college degree in today’s world will get you a little further faster than maybe one who does not have a degree. Yet, it doesn’t make a person better than another.  All in all it is how we live and if we are stuck in bondage with generational BAGGAGE.


So, how do we escape this generational bondage? COURAGE! Courage to believe we can be different. Some will try to excuse themselves by saying they can’t help the way they are.  After all, their mother, father, sister or their brother was that way. We need to take a stand and tell ourselves – we are going to change the ways of our family!


Realistically this could probably be a whole other blog post…my main point is to have each of us realize we ALL have some kind of BAGGAGE keeping us in bondage.  While “Takin Time Out” this week lets reflect on how we can unpack that bag for the time being and begin again with a new beginning one baby step at a time.   If it is too overwhelming then set up an appointment with a good counselor or life coach to help you work through it.  Find a good support group.  Remember as we are driving down the road on this journey in life, there is this big wide windshield of opportunity and please don’t let that rearview mirror of the past cloud the beauty of today.  Until next time my friends let’s begin to unpack the BAGGAGE










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  1. Vickie Ricks says:

    This is truly one of your best blogs! I enjoyed every word. You always seem to find the perfect word to write about. You’re an inspiration to all who know and love you.

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