imageDefinition: Noisy and exciting activity to attract others.  A state of confusion or hilarity.  A complex maneuver and a confusing, colorful and sometimes gaudy action.


Well, the weather has changed this week; it’s really cold for us North Texas folks.  We had to dig in the closet for our jackets and find some closed toed shoes with socks (boohoo).  As you can tell I prefer open toed heels or flip flops but they will now have to wait for spring.   While sipping on my warm scrumptious hot china tip green tea this evening, I have finished polishing my boots and transitioning my closet.  I will admit I have more of a variety when it comes to fall and winter clothing.  I love the beautiful scarves, bulky sweaters and tweed knit jackets.   Maybe it is all the layers and how you can mix and match I love variety and vibrancy. Yes, I am ready to RAZZLE DAZZLE folks with my fall & winter wardrobe.


RAZZLE DAZZLE I love how it rolls off your tongue when you say the phrase.  Let’s say it again with a longer pause Raaazzzlllee Daaazzllle!  Doesn’t it put a smile on your face?  Hopefully so if not then there is some work to be done. I am on a mission to add some glitz and RAZZLE DAZZLE to your everyday life.  We all need a little bit more fun, excitement and spontaneity wouldn’t you say?  When is the last time you colored with crayons or painted on a canvas?  This doesn’t count if you have small children.










When I think of RAZZLE DAZZLE, I think of Broadway, the theatre and how uniquely talented individuals come together to perform on stage, living life through the arts.  Broadway is known for someone writing a storyline and a team of individuals construct the scene through creativity, dance, music and entertainment all on stage engaging the audience to use their imagination and make that story come to life.  Many times there is glitz and glamour a bit of RAZZLE DAZZLE like in the play Chicago, Cats, The Lion King or the famous Phantom of the Opera.

As many of you know I grew up in a small rural community with farming and ranching.  It was more of a simple kind of life however, we were very blessed to have an English teacher, Ms. Harriet Bourk that loved the arts and brought her gift and creativity to our little High School.  I had the privilege being part of the cast and participating in two musicals, Oklahoma and The Sound of Music.   Those are such precious and fond memories.  I still remember the fear I had during the audition and the stage freight opening night.  You know when you have a lump in your throat and your heart is beating so fast you just know it’s about to jump out of your chest? My palms were so sweaty.  We all spent many countless hours, long nights and weekends devoted to rehearsing, practicing, and memorizing our lines.  We let our inner child pretend to be the character we were selected for.  Ms. Bourk engaged the community to help with props and costumes.  It was our time for a little fame and fortune…The RAZZLE DAZZLE of the stage, wow what an awesome experience.  Maybe you should check out the local arts in your community this weekend?  Thank you again Ms. Bourk – You Rock!


As we each approach our daily lives we can add a little RAZZLE DAZZLE to the quality of work we do and by going the extra mile.  Teach the next generation the principles and values that were instilled in us as a child.  RAZZLE DAZZLE with follow-through.  Finish what you start, meet your deadlines, do a little extra and muster as much enthusiasm for the end as you had at the beginning.  That actually reminds me of a verse I have posted on my screen saver found in 2 Corinthians 8:11 “Now you should finish what you started.  Let the eagerness you showed in the beginning be matched now by your giving.  Give in proportion to what you have.” I hope that resonates with you…


We just celebrated Veteran’s Day this week and honored those who have fought and many lives lost for our nation’s freedom.  I am so thankful for the dedication of our armed services!  I am amazed how much they sacrifice, while only one day of the year is dedicated solely to honor them, Americans must never forget what they have done to defend our country and protect our freedom day in day out in the most unpleasant conditions.

There is nothing more attractive to the human spirit than our freedom.  How is your personal life is there any freedom lacking in any area of your life?  Do you feel trapped or carrying around a heavy burden?  Do you need an intervention, have you restricted your progress in some way maybe you need to go back to school or find an accountability partner or maybe to hire a life coach or fitness coach to help you over the hurdle.  Are you playing and laughing enough?  Is there balance in your life?  Once you come through that tunnel you will be RAZZLE DAZZLED with triumphant.  Feeling free…Awe what an awesome moment!


Knowing how to RAZZLE DAZZLE may present you with opportunities but rather than impress others I encourage you to be true to yourself.  Let the glitz of your inner soul direct you and radiance will shine through in all you do.  Have you “Takin Time Out” this week to be still, breathe deeply and listen to that still small voice inside?


Until next time my dear friends…I hope you are “Takin Time Out” reflecting on what your contribution is to this world and your precious journey!  You have special talents and gifts to share…How are you at RAZZLE DAZZLING those around YOU?







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