imageDefinition:  The ability to be active, the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things.  Natural enthusiasm and effort.  Usable power that come from heat, electricity, etc.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “ENERGY”? There are a variety of ENERGY drinks in the market today.  Maybe your thought leans towards electricity and a company that provides it?  Perhaps you are thinking more in line of an activity and how your particular ENERGY level affects you day in and day out? Other words might be endurance, exertion, fortitude, strength, stamina or lack of?  Then there is Kinetic ENERGY, science wasn’t always my strong point but let’s  think of a roller coaster as it reaches the bottom and then it starts to rise, the kinetic ENERGY begins to be converted to a gravitational potential ENERGY causing it to accelerate and rise to the top.  Lately, for some reason this word keeps popping up in the things I read and how I feel.  Yes, life gets so crazy at times…sitting here on an extremely cool July evening for Texas, feeling very energized as tomorrow we start a brand new month.


Recently I ran across an ENERGY profiling course online by Carol Tuttle. I began to read the article and ended up watching a few amazing videos. The instructor’s definition for ENERGY profiling, “a human assessment tool used to get in touch with your true human nature”.  Well, I got so enthralled watching and listening, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning discovering something brand new.  Quickly I figured out my personality type, as well as my secondary and how I am wired.  It also explained the clothes, jewelry, colors and hair styles that would work best for me.  The system really solidified many things I was aware of but didn’t always understand. The course explained how we are born with this particular type and it never changes…deep down maybe we are a different type than what we are portraying.  Our circumstances, parents or spouse have formed us to be one way when many times a different ENERGY type inside is screaming to come out to be released so your can really be YOU.  I know the plan gave me permission to be ME and why my human nature feels so good!  I am happier and full of abundant ENERGY which is a really good thing!  I am having more fun and getting great compliments along the way too, what more could a girl ask for?


A few weeks back I blogged on walking and how strongly I feel.  We must move and exercise whether it is walking, jogging, cycling, weights, yoga or whatever works for you.  This will help build up your stamina and give you more ENERGY throughout the day.  Yes, the biggest hurdle is just getting started, that first week can be a doozy, I mean your legs feel like jello, you are short of breath and maybe you become light headed thinking what in the world am I doing?  Just stick with it, build up slowly and you will be so glad you did.  What we put in our bodies…the food, water, nutrients are soooo important as well as getting enough rest and experiencing a deep sound sleep.  If you are out of whack make sure you are getting your yearly check-ups and bloodwork and talk to your healthcare provider as there may be some underlying medical issues. As I have gotten older and become more aware it is very important to find the root cause of a disease or ailment.  So often we end up treating just the symptoms by putting a band-aide on it.  Many physicians believe the solution is to either drug or cut it out.  Perhaps we are covering it up with some form of addiction like food, alcohol or bad habit.  It may not truly be a physical but more emotional or mental issue.  Damages from circumstances, stress and our environment can cause so much sickness and we not even realize it.  I know I have experienced that personally and once I figured out the root cause, made appropriate changes to make me a healthier, happier human being full of ENERGY and purpose life is so much better.  I won’t get too deep but our body has chakra’s and sometimes they get blocked you can help unblocking through deep breathing, mediation, massage therapy and reiki.  Listening to our bodies being aware and managing stress is key.


How we think has a definite effect on how we actually feel physically.  If your mind tells you that you are tired, the body, the nerves and the muscles accept that fact.  But if your mind is alert and intensely interested you can keep on an activity indefinitely.  It’s important to feed you mind with positive fuel whether through words on a page or voices through our listening.  The bible tells us that everything we are—our ability to think, reason and act come to us as a gift from God.

I love and try to live by the verses found in Philippians 2:13-14  (the msg version) “That ENERGY is God’s ENERGY, an ENERGY deep within you, God himself willing and working at what will give him the most pleasure.  Do everything readily and cheerfully – no bickering, no second-guessing allowed!” He has something BIG for each of us and will provide us the ENERGY to accomplish it if we just stay in tune with him daily…


We all know there is a positive and a negative ENERGY force, as well as high and low ENERGY.  I know we can see the results of ENERGY, we can hear forms of ENERGY but mostly we feel ENERGY.  Have you ever entered a room or attended an event and depending on the people or location it feels differently.  This is truly a sad example but let’s say you go to the DMV (Driver Motor Vehicle) to renew your license (thank goodness I have been able to renew online), the post office or any government building and you can feel the low ENERGY yet you attend a High School or College ballgame, the band is playing and you feel the high level of ENERGY being portrayed throughout the crowd.  I also can feel the ENERGY when I go into someone’s home or place of business.


Think of ENERGY as a magnet…remember in school when the teacher asked us to try and put one end of a positive to a positive and there was no ENERGY at all or a negative with a negative there was this friction between the two but when you put one positive with one negative they cling together?  That is life…I absolutely love this saying especially rearing three children, being in the workforce there is always someone not happy but we must learn to live in together.











I am sipping on a scrumptious cup of White Berry Blossom tea…yum!  I could rattle on and on but it’s time to go to bed so I can get some deep sleep and start a new day and month tomorrow.  Until next time my dear friend reflect during your “Takin Time Out” how your ENERGY level is and is it positive or negative, high or low…reflect on making the appropriate changes to move forward life is too short to not live with passionate energy.








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