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This week I felt it was only appropriate to write about TIME as we end one year and enter the beginning of another.  Not sure about you but this past year I have felt a bit overwhelmed.  TIME is on the forefront of my mind.  I just do not have enough TIME to do all the things I want to do and accomplish the commitments I have promised.  The older I get the faster TIME seems to go and the less I seem to get accomplished. (Now I think my mother has said that before?)  Why is this?  TIME is so precious and what I am experiencing lately is a sense of rush not sure about you but I find myself rushing in everything I do.  It truly is a rush against TIME to “gitrdone”.  I decided to blog about this subject hoping to bring more clarity and share experiences so maybe it can help work through some of the issues I am facing with TIME.


When I started this blog, I realized I was living in the second HalfTIME of life.  Maybe that is it I have so many dreams, goals and aspirations still remaining and yet it might be late in the 3rd quarter of life?  Looking back as a child TIME stood still in so many instances, I never really remember looking at a clock; a calendar, I didn’t have a clue on what a Day timer was or what week it was.  I traveled through TIME by the month or season. I looked forward to those favorite holidays like Easter, 4th of July, Fair TIME, Thanksgiving and Christmas Not every little second or minute filled throughout the day with commitments.  I was just happy to wake up maybe have a few chores to do and then my day was filled with pretending, playing, reading and spending a lot of TIME outdoors in the fresh air.  Every day was a day of “Takin TIME Out”! When the sun was starting to set I knew it was TIME to go home.


Ok, I know I can’t go back to my childhood but I can reflect on those moments in TIME I found peace and was truly content.  As adults we get so involved in commitments, responsibility and making a living that we forget to really live and live in the moment.  Personally I thought it would be easier the older you get, the kids are grown. Don’t get me wrong I am a happy person and very blessed but I realized again this past weekend I rush, rush, and rush in everything I do.  I consciously have to make changes, a verse come to mind in Colossians 4:5 “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, make the best use of the TIME.”  What about you, is any of this resonating with your current situation or life?


Personally, I know technology is important in all I do day in and day out.  Most of us have a cell phone attached to our hip, we text, we call, we post and we pin.   I have enjoyed  Facebook and Instagram, as I have reconnected with special people who have touched my life that I would in no way be able to otherwise but I will say we are truly wired 24/7 and we don’t allow ourselves much down TIME or disconnect. So the last few days I have spent creating a vision for 2015 and planning on “Takin more TIME Outs”!  I look forward to sharing my successes and my failures as we go along this year.


Recently, I have had the privilege to connect with a new entrepreneur that encouraged me to figure out my limiting beliefs that may be blocking me from moving forward to the life I truly want to be living, the changes I want to make and the goals or possibilities I wish to achieve.  This has been a very exciting exercise and I am nearing a miraculous breakthrough.  What about YOU?  Are there things you want to do, change, or accomplish this year?


As I am sitting here sipping on my lemon herbal tea, I recently read an article of a gentleman who had quit going to church…the pastor had missed seeing him and decided to pay him a visit, it happen to be on a cold January night and there was a fire burning in the fireplace as they were sitting there discussing the events of the week…the pastor quietly got up to stoke the fire…he placed a burning ember off to the side and went to sit back down, they both sat there and watched the light of the ember die off as the pastor got up to leave he went and put the dying ember back in the pile of flames and it came back to life.  The member smiled and said thanks to the fiery sermon he looked forward to being back in church on Sunday.  This has several meanings, one is how our actions can speak louder than our words, how important it is to stay connected to those who help keep us grounded and more importantly there is nothing more precious than TIME so let’s do this together and meet our possibilities for 2015!  Whether your list consists of getting out of debt, getting healthier and lose weight, or living in the moment, together we can do this…there is no other TIME than NOW!  Until next TIME my friend please remember “This is going to be your year; dust off your past and let’s get started to begin again”…
















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  1. Charlene Patterson says:

    This is a good subject and your comments, ideas and plans are great. The problem I have is —- once time has passed and is used, it is gone. I can’t replay it, reuse it, make it longer, or relive it better. Time is precious and I need to use mine more wisely. “Takin’ Time Out” is not a problem with me, I take too much of that, I need to accomplish more worthwhile things with my time. I’m with you on this subject and will try to do better in 2015. Love You and Love Your Blog !!!!

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