imageDefinition: Move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance.  A slight change in position, direction, tendency.  One of two or more recurring periods in which different groups of workers do the same job in relay.  To transfer from one place, position person to another.


Whew, what another wild and crazy week, just when I thought it couldn’t get any more overwhelming…well it did!  While “Takin Time Out” over this past weekend I tried to step back and review the current situation analyzing how I could have been better prepared or what immediate changes need to be made to endure the next few weeks and months while trying to enjoy the precious holiday season because my belief in “Makin Memories” is a must and enduring our busiest time of year at work.  Being the visual person I am, I clearly wanted to look at the BIG picture and not just the task at hand. During the process and focusing on my word of the year “Awareness” it clearly came to me I needed to make a SHIFT!  I understand I can’t change the situation but I can SHIFT my attitude, priorities, but most of all my self-talk (words I say) to adapt and make the very best of what is yet to be!


Let’s think about this for a moment…how many times do we make a statement and it may have a negative undertone?  For example when a friend asked what you are doing tomorrow you make a statement with a sigh, “I have to go church” what if we would SHIFT one little word to from have to get?  “I get to go to church” your body doesn’t even think about sighing.  It is a privilege living in America to belong to a church where I can freely worship God and fellowship with friends and family without fear.  Another example, “I have to go work out” no you don’t.  You again have  the freedom to choose you get to.  What a privilege it is to be able to go to a gym or studio and care for your body to maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible.  One simple little way of stating things by changing one word can make a subtle SHIFT with your whole mindset and adjust your attitude towards your goal.


The word SHIFT reminded me of the first vehicle I ever learned to drive was a 1970 two tone 4-wheel drive Ford truck with an extra-long stick SHIFT on the floor board.  You had to push in the clutch, making sure it was in neutral then SHIFTING it into gear, slowly letting off the clutch while stepping on the gas, with my hands firmly gripping the stirring wheel of which I could barely see over I was about 9 years old (the privileges of living in the country)…yes it would lope along in the beginning but eventually I got the feel of it and off we went down the dirt roads eventually stirring up dust.  I loved growing up in the country.  Actually I made sure each one of my children learned to drive a stick shift living in the city, it sometimes was not so easy especially when you come upon an embankment with a stop light.  As you start to take off you roll back a bit hoping not to hit the car behind you.  You step on the gas and your head was thrown back a bit but off we went.  Absolutely love the thrill and excitement of SHIFTING gears while flying down the highway!   If you think about it life is a bit like this too.  We each must learn to shift gears and keep moving forward!  I am the primary driver of my destination so I will keep my foot on the accelerator, SHIFTING gears, slowing down and stopping on occasion to rest, refuel and reframe my brain and adapt to change!


You know change can be good but not always the solution to the problem, sometimes just a little shift will do the trick.  Let’s think about it this way, think of a time you have had to sit for a long period of time.  Maybe on a plane, train or in a seminar.  Are you one that can sit in one position and not move, or are you the one who fidgets all the time?  Have you noticed if your mind starts to wonder off and if you will shift your position just a little you become more alert?  Well I think any challenge we face we can make a shift and things will improve.  We can refer to it as a Paradigm Shift…a different way of thinking or approaching matters, here are just a few to think about:


Old Paradigm vs New Paradigm

Train vs Develop

Observe vs Understand

Have a Plan vs Have a Purpose

Start with What vs Start with Why

Compete vs Collaborate

Play the game vs Change the game

Discourage vs Embrace


As I am sipping on the most scrumptious cup of hot tea a friend gave to me it is called green mango peach by tea forte.  Mmmm  simply delicious!  It truly fuels my soul, I love savoring the warmth on this extremely cold night in November.  A scripture came to mind…Proverbs 16:24, “Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”

The power of words…they can impact others but most of all they impact us.  I encourage while “Takin Time Out” this week to play with or shift your words.  Let’s become more conscience of what and how we say things especially during our self-talk.  Negative and condescending words will result in negative results…Positive affirmations and SHIFTING just one word will result in a much better outcome.  Start by using Get rather than Have toYou instantly have an attitude of gratitude rather than being resentful in the activity at hand.  November is the month of Thanksgiving let’s SHIFT our words towards being more grateful.  Also, I encourage you to SHIFT your posture, sit up a bit taller…breathe in deeply…roll your shoulders back!  I am very guilty in slumping these days whether I am driving or working on the computer.  Take more mini breaks during the day and drink plenty of water…Until next time my friends push in the clutch and make the appropriate SHIFT!



















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    Such great advise……I’ll try to remember this !!!!!

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