imageDefinition:  a long, thin, flat piece of timber used especially in building and flooring.A foundation; a support.  A position held for a certain period of time in exercise. A fundamental point of a political or other program.


Do you ever look at the events of your day and start to chuckle asking yourself how it the world did that ever happen?  Well that was the case for me this week.  I have a tendency to multi-task and book appointments back to back, I was running a little behind for a particular appointment when I whipped in and couldn’t find a parking space in the designated parking lot, they were apparently going to be working on a portion of it as it was blocked off but I didn’t pay much attention so I parked in a grassy area connected to the barricades.  I grabbed my enrollment material and rushed into the meeting with the client and began a full day of enrollments.  Low and behold as I returned to my car later that afternoon, they had jack hammered most of the concrete within the barricades and removed the concrete, it had also rained quite a bit so it was a muddy swampy mess how was I ever going to get to my car in my cute little high heels?  I look around and there was a two by four wooden PLANK so I proceeded to angle it just right to connect it from the remaining concrete to the grassy area and so carefully balancing myself tip-toed on the PLANK to my car, Whew, I made it praying no one was watching.  LOL…


While thinking about that simple PLANK of wood and how it provided a support and path to my car this week.  I realized during a good workout routine both in yoga and weight training the instructor will encourage me to do a PLANK, it is great for the core muscle group and building up stability.  You mentally have to prepare yourself, it is where you get down on the floor and support your entire body on your forearms and toes or you can do a raised PLANK on your hands and tippy toes.  You want your body (the trunk portion) to be completely parallel in a straight line to the floor sucking your core belly in continuing breathing yes take note breathing and holding the PLANK position for at least a minute if not longer.   Do not let your hips, head, belly or shoulders drop.   Now you might say this sounds easy but it can be deceiving.  If you are in the proper form it takes strength, endurance and is working your back, abs, and core.  The PLANK is one of the best exercises for core conditioning while working your glutes, hamstrings and supports proper posture and improves balance.  I highly recommend it!  Start slow and work yourself up to that minute…better to do several short intervals maintaining proper form than to hold improperly for longer periods of time.


As I am “Takin Time Out” and sitting sipping on a scrumptious warm cup of Earl Grey tea with a hint of mint and fresh lemon with honey, I look around my home and wonder how many PLANKS of wood did it actually take to build our home?  Each stud hidden beneath the sheet rock, each rafter in the ceiling, our floors are concrete but we have overlaid them with PLANKS of lush dark stained hardwood.  Even the chair I sit in the frame is built with PLANKS of wood and covered with stuffing and leather.  How many trees did it take to make each PLANK? How many lumberjacks to cut down the trees, how many drivers to haul the trees to the sawmill and how many sawmill workers did it take to cut and shave into PLANKS? Then back on a truck to deliver to the lumber yard.  So many steps throughout the process and in the end we get to enjoy the comforts they bring!


Both of my girls love the cottage feel in their décor, I love how they are using old PLANKS of wood to make signs with words of wisdom written on them. Quotes like “Let your past be your spring-board, not your quicksand.” Or “Gratitude turns what we have into enough!” Using old PLANKS of wooden fences and barn siding…you can be so creative and I love the thought of recycle and continuing to find use for things that seem to be a little worn out. We are so blessed and I am thankful how the Lord provides for our every need.


When I say the word plank I can’t help but think of a pirate ship.  It was a form of punishment where their captives were forced to walk off a wooden PLANK or beam extended over the side of the ship until falling into the water.  However, I prefer to focus on my grandson who loves dressing up as Jake the Neverland Pirates a cartoon character found on the Disney channel.  It’s a little more light hearted.


While listening to a certain podcast this week, they brought up the topic of not passing judgment on others…(Ouch)!  It was based on the scripture found in Matthew 7:5, “You hypocrite, first take the PLANK out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”  


We need to be on our knees each morning crying out to God to purify our hearts, souls and mind.  Our fleshly desire is to point our fingers and find holes in others yet God wants us to search our hearts first before we intercede for others.  Take your hand and point your finger, then really take a hard look for the one finger you may be pointing there are three fingers point back to you.  Is their sin in your life that is blocking the blessing for our loved ones, we need to set a right example to make sure we are not a stumbling block to anyone.  Let us search our hearts with God given binoculars…don’t justify our pride, arrogance, anger, envy, short temper, sharp tongue (ouch), smugness and rudeness.  How many times are we sitting in church, or serve on committees, meetings or perhaps you act one way at church and another at work or home.  Do you have a big ole PLANK in your own eye?  We fight with our brother and sisters and still sit inside the church, we are mean, cunning and yet not convicted.  Lord, give me eyes to see my own sin daily and ask for your forgiveness.  Help me overcoming judgment and pride… and as the golden rule states, to treat others as I would want to be treated!  Just remember our spiritual sight does not come from our efforts but rather from God’s grace in our lives…the closer we get to God the more grace he will provide.


Yes, I know its another random word this week but as you are “Takin Time Out”, why not reflect upon the PLANKS you may have in your own eye.  Are there areas of improvement either inside or out?  Do you need to ask for forgiveness or release partial judgments?  Do you need to walk the pirate ship PLANK and die to self, asking God to take control and fill yours soul with Grace?  Perhaps you need to do a little physical exercise by getting down on the floor and holding the PLANK to improve your core, stability and clarity!  Until next time my friend I hope you will think of the word PLANK to make your life a stronger foundation and allow God to support your every need…










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