imageDefinition of HEART:  The organ in your chest that pumps blood through your veins and arteries; the front part of your chest; the HEART thought of the place where emotions are felt.

Definition  HEALING: Is the process of restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.


Well it is hard to believe February is gone and March is here. You wouldn’t know it as ole man winter hit North Texas with a wintery blast of snow and ice this week.  As I am sitting here sipping on my favorite cup of Earl Grey Tea on this brisk cool morning, I have the sound of the ocean and a solo guitar playing in the background thinking this will sooth and bring warmth to my heart and  soul….mmmm….savoring the moment!  It is so still quiet and the birds are singing their favorite morning song.  I love early mornings…the beginning of a brand new day!  Especially after a very busy and hectic week, I just need to BREATHE …simply breathe in and hold now slowly letting it out.  It is so refreshing as I close my eyes breathing in slowly counting to 10…HOLD…now slowing releasing counting to 20.  It clears my head!


In my quiet time this morning I was reading a passage in Proverbs when this verse struck a nerve. Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  It was just a couple weeks back I was reading an article from a new found favorite blogger Michael Hyatt on this very verse.  He stated King Solomon who wrote this passage was emphasizing the heart above everything else especially as a leader, mentor or parent. Really I think as a person living our everyday life.   It is more important than any skills, your intellect, your education, and your experiences if it is not from the heart it is not fully being engaged and really all for nothing.   Hang tight and I will try to explain better as we go along.


Let’s think about this for a moment for many of us as a child we are so free spirited and trusting.  There are endless possibilities that steadily over time we begin to have situations happen and we are not as trusting or we become damaged maybe not even being fully aware this is happening.  Yet our heart is our inner compass if we feel it from the heart it is sincere and we are totally complete.

What relationships have you had in the past that have changed through time?  Perhaps you were very close and something or someone came in between the relationship that caused hurt or pain.  Let’ use an example of a small splinter it pierced the skin and was buried underneath the skin at first you didn’t notice it and then a couple days later a red infection became apparent and it began to hurt, the next day the pain was a little greater until it finally festered and you had to figure out a way to get it out.


The same thing can happen to our hearts.  Perhaps many of you have been carrying around a burden for quite some time pierced by prior circumstance.  Someone has hurt us; we slide into a deep depression we are lethargic asking ourselves why?  What did I do…how did this happen…the pain is so severe.  We take things personal when maybe they weren’t personal at all.  Through time we try and cover it up, we move through the motions, you may bring your head to work, your body, your energy but not your HEART!  In reality it is just not the same.  If you haven’t dealt with the root cause you will never be fully healed.  That is where “Takin Time Out” can help you need to set a plan of action, perhaps it is reaching out to that other person whether in person or on the phone.  I think text messaging or emails are cold…and the meaning or sincerity can be watered down or misunderstood.  They may not take your call or want to see you and this can cause additional anxiety but be persistent and patient as it may take weeks, months or even years.  You truly need to do this in order to discover the reasons why and find some type of closure and truly learn from the experience.  You might not like the answers but it is all about the growth process and forgiveness.


Sometime the situation wasn’t even truly about you and you have carried around all that anxiety, worry and awfulizing for months!  You find out it was completely about something else.  All that wasted negative energy for nothing.


Are you living your life through your HEARTS intent?  Are you passionate about all you do and say…don’t shut down your heart, you are cheating the people who love you and most importantly you are robbing yourself from true abundance!


Michael also stated we should have Four Disciplines of the Heart:

1)     Discipline of Reflection-Find Solitude we live in such a chaotic world we need to be quiet and still and pull away for a while and reflect.  Disengage or unplug…

2)    The Discipline of Rest-We are deigned to shut down for at least a third of the daily cycle.  Running at such a fast pace will eventually catch up with us.

3)     The Discipline of Recreation-We need to find time to have fun, laugh find our inner creativity.  Painting, writing, listening or playing music.  Maybe cooking, building something whatever unleashes the happy juices.

4)    The Discipline of Relationships-God created us for a relationships just as the trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit living together in perfect harmony. Invest time in those we love the most.


I hope this makes you be a bit more aware of your Heart and the desire of the life you wish to live.  Is there someone you need to call or visit?  As you are “Takin Time Out” my dear friend, this week pray about it and God will open the door or window to make your heart healthy once again…






















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