imageDefinition:  Simple elegance or refinement of movement.  Poise, finesse or elegance and honor or credit to someone or something by one’s presence.  In the Christian belief the free and unmerited favor of God as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.


When you read the definition of GRACE what came to your mind first?  Maybe a ballerina who is full of GRACE…especially as they dance on their tippy toes…or it is a beauty queen or professional model as she struts down the runway?  GRACE is a bride walking down the aisle and the groom watching her every move.  Even an ice skater is GRACEFUL as they skate on that thin blade of metal all around the ice rink.  Did you ask yourself if you were GRACEFUL, if you are poised or refined?  Or did you laugh out loud saying nope that’s not me…that is what my mother wished I would be but I didn’t get those genes in my DNA.  I am so uncoordinated and very UNGRACEFUL…I have two left feet…even if you aren’t very GRACEFUL that doesn’t mean you can’t be full of GRACE.  I truly feel GRACE comes from the inside and it will reflect on the outside through your expression, twinkle in your eyes and the radiant smile.  GRACE is something one discovers through being grateful. 


As I sit here sipping on some hot peach tea and staring into my computer screen, “Takin Time Out” from a very busy and hectic week, I feel so blessed with God’s perfect timing and abundant GRACE.  It is there in our everyday life if we just take time to notice…sometimes it can show up in very BIG ways or other times it is in the simple, subtle and sometimes mundane way.  GRACE is God’s unmerited favor and kindness we don’t really deserve.   How about you have you thought about how he has shown GRACE to you today?  If not why not take a seat, put your feet up for a while, take one or two deep breaths and slowly let it out…then start thinking about the past 24 to 48 hours.  I call it “Takin Time Out”.  What signs of GRACE have you encountered?  Maybe it was a friend unexpectedly stopping by for a brief chat, a simple wave as you are headed off to work or in the carpool line, maybe it was the checker in the store had an extra coupon they shared with you or a front row parking spot when you were running really late for your appointment.  How often do we not even notice by trying to take things into our own hands, we are really stressed instead of giving it up and asking him to help?  Bam right then and there he appears!


Max Lucado is one of my favorite pastors and authors.  I love in one of his books he states, “To discover GRACE is to discover God’s utter devotion to you, His stubborn resolve to give you a cleansing, healing, purging love that lifts the wounded back to their feet.  Graciousness of God empowers us to love boldly and live robustly. Start loving others and start grasping the heart of God.”  Max lists 10 ways to receive God’s GRACE:

·        Remember It’s Gods idea

·        Just Ask

·        Remember the cross

·        Through forgiveness

·        Forget and Press Ahead

·        Praise and Worship

·        Say Thank You

·        Love Others

·        Receive New Mercies Everyday

·        Give GRACE Away


I have actually had quite a few encounters this past week of God’s unfailing and undeserved GRACE and through this process and as I am typing this blog it has reminded me not to let worry and stress rob me of these precious gifts.  “God is good all the time and all the time God is good!” (This motto was taken from the recent movie we saw over Easter weekend, God is not Dead, one I would encourage you to see even if you are an atheist or non-believer!)   


Ephesians 1:7 “In him we have redemption, through his blood the forgiveness of sins in accordance to his riches of God’s GRACE. 

GRACE can also be a name of a person.  My first born grand-daughter’s middle name is GRACE and it is so fitting.  She is a little spitfire and knows exactly what she wants out of life.  She has to be busy and involved but she brings a sense of leadership and GRACE even at age 6.  A highly popular film actress in the 1950s, GRACE Kelly starred in movies such as Dial M for Murder and To Catch a Thief. She married Prince Rainier III of Monaco.  She moved from GRACE and royalty in Hollywood films to actual GRACE and royalty in Monaco.  Despite many attempts by filmmakers to lure Princess GRACE back into the film industry, she resisted, embracing her role as a ceremonial leader of Monaco. She became very involved in many cultural and charitable organizations over the course of her life.  She had to give up her American citizenship, they had three children.  Unfortunately her life ended way too soon at the age of 52 in an automobile accident.    GRACE Kelly remained in the public eye for most of her life. Her on-screen beauty, self-confidence and mystery still enchants the world, and her serenity and poise as Princess Consort piqued the media’s attention. Of this attention, she remarked with typical humor and GRACE.  Her name was definitely fitting to her style!

When I hear or say the word GRACE I also think of the dinner table, we have a ritual before we eat to say GRACE.  I love when my husband takes the lead, you never know what he is going to say as he is typically a man of few words but when he says GRACE, you can tell it came from his heart.  I also love to hear little children recite or sing GRACE as well.  God loves to hear from us…make it a habit to give him GRACE daily.

As I wrap up I hope you will become a little more aware of the blessings that abound especially in the simple things of life.  Those people who make a direct impact in your life, who show GRACE, love, patience…have you thanked them for it?  Maybe it is a teacher, co-worker, mentor, parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or loved one!  Drop a little note in the mail, or send an email or post something on facebook about how that person has touched your life.  Count your blessings and hold yourself to a standard of GRACE not perfection.  I love the quote…”One day she finally grasped that unexpected things were always going to happen in life.  And with that she realized the only control she had was how she chose to handle them.  So, she made the decision to survive using courage, humor, and GRACE.  She was the Queen of her own life and the choice was hers”.  SO IS YOURS my friend.  Until next time enjoy the gift of GRACE




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